Every assignment is different...

And every plan is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

The service approach at Waughton is built on: 

  • An external perspective and a dispassionate assessment of your issue or situation,
  • In plain English,
  • Resulting in a clear action plan (with draft communications, FAQs, holding statements and personal rehearsal)
  • Utilising our extensive contact base, 
  • Providing level-headed support at your side, 
  • With an imagination and willingness to ask the difficult questions. 


Over the past 15 years, Waughton's client assignments have covered almost every sector of the economy. 


The firm has a deep knowledge of the financial services sector, in which Robin Hepburn has advised banks, building societies, wealth managers, private equity investors, corporate finance boutiques, fund management groups, ETF providers, IFAs and online payment providers. 


Waughton has acted for organisations across a wide range of other sectors, including shipping and rail, logistics, retail and leisure. 


In addition to corporate roles, Robin Hepburn has also advised business owners, ultra-high net worth and high-profile individuals, including partners of professional service firms.